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    I am looking for a font. For what? You may ask. A stylish social network app.

    I have been looking at various social networks (Facebook, Twitter, et cetera) and they all seem to have very strong characteristics when it comes to their logo, as typography should be.

    I want a font that is sans-serif, strong, with interesting angles. Somewhat like Facebook’s logo, which is closely related to Klavika Bold, but I hate pretty much all of the lowercase letters except for “n,” which has an interesting up-turn.

    Obviously, the font that I use will just be a jumping-off point for me to leap into the abyss of typography. I already know how I will style the first letter, but I want a good font to start with and I am certain that there are some typography geeks on here.

    Thank you in advance for any help you can give me!

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    cc @chrisburton ;)

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    Cool. Thanks @thedoc

    @mintertweed What sort of budget are you able to go with? I see you want a sans-serif face, do you have any other requirements?

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    @mintertweed I’m not too fond of that idea, personally. I think I would go with either custom lettering or a modified typeface (as what you’ve done) and create a mark as a symbol (leaf) to the app.

    Shuffle through Louise Fili’s site. Keep an open mind to other styles.

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    @mintertweed Give me a few minutes as I’m helping someone else with font rendering issues outside of the forum and I’ll list quite a few options for you, deal?

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    Miller Display (love the italic capital Y glyph)

    Harrietalternate site (my favorite)

    Whitman Display

    Benton Modern Display

    I’m using the following on my upcoming site until the Harriet series webfonts come out (via Webtype).

    Old Standard

    Note: Old Standard can also be found on Font Squirrel.

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    Here are a couple of my personal favorites at the moment.


    Alright Sans

    When I think of the word “Leaflet”, I think of vines. Therefore I believe the best approach would be to find a typeface that is a little more decorative. Such as this:

    Carmen Fiesta (type in LEAFLET in all caps).

    Even if you don’t want to use that for your logo, I would still think about a mark with the ‘L’. I have a pretty good idea of what I would do with it.

    Additionally (serif)

    I also like the cupped serifs on Yana

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